Before you Guyz ask us what is WTFUNK & how on earth did we come up with this name, allow us to give u a brief about it.

We The Team of WTFUNK are bunch of crazy, fun filled ppl who r passionate about a couple of things in life like Riding, Designing, Music, Creativity, n few more things n so came up with an idea of launching an apparel brand which brings to you designs in variety of categories n allow you to express your passion & emotions via clothes.. 

Well thats why our Slogan is "Wear Your Passion"

Unique - isn't it ? Wink-wink ;)

Well now comes the most asked question - Why the name WTFUNK ?

So here is wat happened ..Idea toh aagayi what kind of brand we want to come up with, what categories, designs, products etc we wanna introduce & how to go about it.. We were very much clear we will build our brand based on a high product quality & our creativity.. n after all the brainstorming sessions when it came to naming our brand we were like - WTF* & one of us gave an immediate reaction 'hey tats a cool name' 

Even if we think out of the box, we still couldn't agree to have our brand with that name, but at the same time we did fell in love with the concept of WTF 

N what thy say is right.. when its love - ITS LOVE , so keeping in mind this concept & the motto of our brand & how funky n cool we want our designs to be we finally came up with our Brand Name 


" Wear Your Passion"

Product details ?

Lets give you a ride around detailing of our products..

For now we have Variety of T-shirts for Men & Women & also mobile covers .. with lots of innovative designs in many categories.

We soon will be adding more varieties in clothing & accessories so stay tuned for that. 

As already mentioned we have built our brand on our product quality..we dont ever compromise on that.

- We use 100% Bio-washed Cotton fabric for a softer feel of the garment.

- Fabric is preshrink to give a good fit.

- Our fabric is mill dyed of no chance of color bleed.

- We believe in delivering innovative designs in high definition quality to enhance the look of the design, Hence we only do Digital Printing for all our designs.

- We print as per order, so you ll get a fresh stock whenever you order.

- Desi Dil hai so T-shirts are Made in India.

Aur kuch appko poochna hai or you would like to give us your feed back or you are interested in bulk orders then feel free to Contact us on

We would love to hear from you. 

Or you can also drop in at our office for a chai-shai  gup-shup at the below given address.

BH9 Trends Pvt. Ltd. 

Office no - 102 ,BLDG -9, Jogani Indl Complex, V N Purav Marg, Chunabhatti Mumbai – 400022

"Aapke seva mein aapke dost The WTFUNK TEAM" :)